Wednesday, February 27, 2008

fellowship evaluations

OK, I swore and oath that I would never do anything to embaras the university, but I'm just stating the facts, ma'am.
I'm on this committee to award fellowships to graduate students across the university to continue their studies.
One must evaluate their personal statement, their CV, and their instructor recommendations, and there is also an over-all recommendation.
1 - do not give this student a fellowship
2 - give this student a fellowship if there are available funds
3 - definitely give this student a fellowship
4 - consider this student for the highest level of funding.

I must confess, I'm a bit confused.
It may seem like there is a scale from 1 to 4, 1 being the lowest, 2 being next, 3 being next, and 4 being highest.
However, the descriptions of the rankings, to my mind, contradict this.
For example, I think it is saying more about a student if you should definitely give him or her a fellowship than to say you should consider him or her for the highest level of funding. Saying that you should consider a student for a certain level of funding really isn't saying much. It only takes a second to consider a student for a the most prestigious fellowship, and then decide that he or she won't get it. So, it seems to me that your assessment of a student must be much higher if you say he or she should definitely get some fellowship or other. Consideration is cheap.
But most importantly, it seems like any student that deserves a fellowship should be given no higher a ranking than 2. To say otherwise would be to say that a student should be given a fellowship even if funds aren't available. At the very least, that's fiscally irresponsible, or dishonest, and it might even be incoherent. I could not in good conscience say that a student should be awarded a fellowship if the funds are not available.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Night breezes seem to whisper "I love your cat"

There's a commerical for Fancy Feast cat food that plays "Dream a Little Dream of Me" while you're watching some cat do catty things. Then the song is interupted by a voice-over that starts saying "Your cat..." something something. The net effect, which may or may not be intensional, I don't know, is that you hear:
"Stars shining bright above me
Night breezes seem to whisper I love YOUR CAT..."

Saturday, February 23, 2008


These are some mittens I made on top of a blanket I made that I sent to afghans for Afghans in December.

These are some of the scarves I made last summer. I was going to try to sell them, but I got discouraged, and now I just have a huge scarf wardrobe to choose from every day.

Here's the afghan I made out of various colors of Mosaic Twist. They blend together better than they seem to in this pic. The pic is sideways, but it doesn't really matter for seeing what the afghan looks like.

This was me Halloween '07.
I made the scarf I'm wearing, of course.
Pretty funky.
As for the wig, I just wanted the song to be true.


I lost my last pair of reading glasses.
My computer isn't working. It seems to be the monitor, which is not very old.
I filled my prescription for my eczema medicine and I had to pay the full price of $80 for a tube of cream again. Before, it was because it was the first time filling a new script. Now it's because of my deductible for 2008. I'm sure next time there'll be another reason my health insurance never pays for anything.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Big Hands, I know you're the one

Tonight, Olberman mentioned Manos: The Hands of Fate

I watch too much CNN

There's an ad for Lou Dobb's show with a clip of him asking
"Doesn't anyone deserve a government that works?"
Yes, Lou, some people do -- people like you.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

another day, another blog

On the advice of JULIE!!! I am ditching my former blog which lasted 1 day and starting a new blog on Blogger. That way Julie can be kept up to date on all the latest developments in the facinating life of Professor Mc.
So, what happened today is I worked tirelessly on my afghan stitch afghan for afghanistan, to the point where my wrist is really starting to hurt.
The Clinton/Obama debate is on tonight and I will probably watch it, though it doesn't seem very appealing to me right now.