Thursday, July 24, 2008

All the Shawls

In case you didn't know, afghans for Afghans latest campaign is to collect shawls for mothers of newborns treated at a hospital in Kabul, and I've been working on them all Summer, pretty much.
Shawls are due at the a4A collection center in a week, so I'm going to stop making and start sending them now.There's 8 in all. 4 were knit with The Ultimate Sweater Machine. (It's not just for sweaters, obviously.) I crocheted borders on 3 of those, and knit a garter stitch border on the 4th. 3 are all hand crocheted and one is hand knit.
Here's Fuzzy (my other cat, not the one who had the tumor) sitting on one of the crocheted shawls before it was finished. Needless to say, all shawls come with a little cat hair.

The chest next to the chair is fill with, you guessed it, YARN!

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