Saturday, May 10, 2008

Latest Donations

I made 7 baby blankets and a pair of socks for afghans for Afghans Newborn Campaign. Here are some pictures...

Here's the overview. The cat will not be included, though he may try to jump in the box.

Here are two hats Shaun knit, a pair of child's knit socks, and an crocheted blanket. The Fair Isle hat was knit for me by my mother a long time ago. She made it to go with a sweater she made me that I still have, though it doesn't fit me any more. I crocheted the edging and the straps on the hat. Mom hated to crochet, so she had me finish it.
The blanket and the socks are made with Paton's Merino, which I really enjoy working with. The blanket is done in what I call "from the corner side-saddle stitch" in a blue tweed with a solid blue border. In all of the projects I tried to use as much animal fiber in green as I could. The animal fiber is for warmth, and the green is the Afghan's preferred color, so I've heard.

Here is a blanket made with various mohair and mohair blends worked in single crochet over a strand of thick and thin wool yarn, something called "Ultra". The Ultra is the dark blue you see poking through the other colors. It's thickness varies so much, I wasn't sure how to make a solid, warm blanket out of it. I decided to use mohair with it, so that fluff would fill in any spaces, and to use it as an inclusion rather than to crochet with it. The result of using various yarns in this way was a really wonky, rustic looking blanket, but I like it.

Here's a 12 patch blanket -- 12 ten inch squares of double crochet in various yarns.

This is a very scrappy blanket done with odds and ends of Lopi. I inherited the Lopi from my mother, and I guess this means that I am not going to finish the sweaters she started. Sorry Mom. It's for a good cause. It's crocheted in rows of linked trebles, which makes a very solid dense fabric. It might work better as a rug. I like the blocky way it looks, though in retrospect, I wish I had broken up that yellow.
I spent a lot of time on this one, but it was a lot of fun. It is another 12 patch, but all done in Felt It! felting yarn (but it's not felted). Each block is done in a different stitch: two are knitted -- one stockinet, the other garter stitch on the bias, one is done in afghan stitch, one is done with in "crochet on the double" with a double ended hook, and the others are various crochet stitches. I used mostly one colorway, and it was fun to see how the print looked different with each technique.
This is a crocheted ripple in Paton's Merino, blue and blue tweed again. Thanks to Michaels for putting those colors on sale.

I also made a solid olive green blanket in double crochet, also with my mom's Lopi. It came out nice, but simple and not really interesting to see.

The deadline for sending donations to this campaign is 5/19, so I guess this is it.
But Cathy was supposed to give me another hat!

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Kristyn said...

Loved your heart's mission for the Afghans Jennifer..You sew with love and a purpose...I admire your knits...great job!