Friday, January 16, 2009

Plane Makes Emergency Landing on Hudson River

No fatalities, no serious injuries.


OK, fine, maybe you want to know what went wrong with the plane, and how they managed to save everybody, etc.

But a 24/7 news story? Why?

Forget about those 1000 people who have died in Gaza in the past two weeks.
155 Americans almost died in New York yesterday!!


Robert Kaercher said...

Well, to me the big news wasn't that "155 Americans almost died" per se, it was that the pilot and crew safely landed on the Hudson River and saved everyone on board. I find that kind of human skill pretty amazing, and it saved 155 lives that otherwise would have been lost.

It's actually because of ongoing tragedies in Gaza that incidents like that are important to note. It reminds one that many human beings are still capable of great good, even if others practice horrible evil. The point of the contrast is to highlight the superior virtues of the former.

Jennifer said...

Good point. That story just wore out it's welcome for me. I just have to stop watching the news sometimes.